120 min 55,000 yen
We promise that you will have an unforgettable time at our establishment!
We are a top-class soapland where you will be able to spend a pleasurable time with one of our carefully selected top-class women.
We hire only those who have passed our strict and uncompromising recruitment standards, and are all beautiful women in terms of looks, manners, behavior, services, and personalities.
We promise to satisfy all of our customers with our tradition and history, innovation and evolution.

Please enjoy a royal moment like any king of the castle.

Coming soon...

樹里 (21)
T155 B95 (H) W56 H85

愛来 (21)
T157 B88 (F) W57 H91

芽衣 (23)
T163 B87 (F) W56 H85

莉菜 (21)
T160 B87 (F) W58 H86

美麗 (22)
T155 B84 (E) W56 H83

菜々美 (23)
T156 B85 (E) W57 H85

美月 (22)
T153 B86 (E) W59 H89

果歩 (21)
T160 B84 (E) W56 H83

杏 (21)
T163 B84 (E) W57 H86

七瀬 (22)
T157 B86 (E) W57 H85

美桜 (23)
T155 B86 (E) W56 H86

愛未 (22)
T160 B86 (F) W58 H89

美咲 (23)
T155 B91 (F) W58 H89

有馬 (23)
T165 B85 (E) W57 H88

凛 (21)
T157 B84 (D) W58 H88

結衣 (22)
T154 B83 (E) W58 H84

寧々 (22)
T152 B82 (F) W53 H83

愛莉 (21)
T153 B83 (D) W58 H88

美代 (22)
T152 B89 (G) W58 H87

春歌 (22)
T163 B86 (E) W59 H88

鈴菜 (21)
T164 B87 (F) W57 H86

花音 (20)
T166 B90 (F) W59 H91

桃叶 (22)
T170 B90 (H) W59 H91

T151 B83 (E) W56 H82

鈴 (21)
T164 B87 (F) W57 H86

T157 B90 (G) W57 H86

YUME (22)
T159 B88 (G) W57 H87

凜々子 (25)
T155 B90 (G) W56 H90